Miami Party Taxi Lights Up South Beach

The most requested taxi on South Beach is Miami's Party Taxi.

The experience begins from the moment the taxi pulls up, with your name displayed on the monitor. Join me for a ride aboard Miami's Party Taxi.

Once you hop into the cab, the party's on. The driver is the DJ and the dance floor is the back seat.

Dwight Forde mixed his love for music with his job as a cab driver, and this strobe light, fog-making, bat mobile was born.

"Miami is a party city, they turn anything and everything into a party," Forde said.

For two years Forde has been entertaining passengers with courtesy rides. He makes his cash selling advertising space, but says he didn't create the concept for the money.

"It's giving back to Miami. You know I love making people smile, I love making people happy," Forde said.

And a party isn't complete without some proof you actually had a good time. Forde has a selfie cam inside the cab. When the ride is over you can even take home a printed copy of your selfie.

For more info check out the Party Taxi's Facebook page or Instagram @miamipartytaxi.

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