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Miami Police Beautify Family Home of Officer Killed on Duty

Service to the community: that's what men and women in blue pride themselves in doing everyday. But this time they're taking that mission and getting their hands dirty for a good cause.

For Miami Police, this project hits close to home. The woman who lives in this home,Teresa Canalejo, lost her only child: an officer killed while in the line of duty back in 1992.

“A Great son, excellent family member, and irreplaceable,” said Miami Police officer Luis Pla.

Canalejo also lost her husband four years ago. As she got older, it was tough for her to keep up with the home. Now, she's grateful for the extended family she has in MPD.

“The silence remains but she's extremely happy and honored,” Pla said. “Not so much surprised because on a daily basis, we pass by twice a day.”

Police Recruits for Miami Police worked all morning on the project. They say it's about more than service, but an appreciation for the brother and sisterhood of the men and women in blue.

“You don't forget about your immediate family when they pass away,” said recruit Robert Novak. “So, why would we forget about our brothers and sisters in blue?”

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