Miami Police Deputy Chief and Wife Fired After Investigation Into Crash

Deputy Chief Ronald Papier and Commander Nerly Papier officially fired, department officials said

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The Miami Police Department's deputy chief and his wife have been fired following an investigation into a crash, department officials confirmed Wednesday.

Deputy Chief Ronald Papier and Commander Nerly Papier were relieved of duty with pay in April amid an internal investigation into the crash involving Nerly Papier.

According to a crash report, the incident started when Nerly Papier swerved her police car into a curb at an intersection in downtown Miami in early April.

"To avoid striking another vehicle she swerved and struck the edge of the curb causing damage to both of her right tires. Both right tires were punctured and both right rims were damaged during the accident. The driver was not injured during the accident," the report said. "Vehicle…was towed to City of Miami Motor Pool for repairs. No police action was taken."

The police report showed the officer who wrote it indicated the accident happened at 9 a.m. However, it showed the call reporting the accident didn’t come until 1:45 p.m., more than four hours later.

When the officer got to the scene, the officer was there less than 60 seconds, arriving at 1:50 p.m. and leaving at the same time, the paperwork showed.

The department's Internal Affairs Division last month recommended the firing of the couple.

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