Miami Police Go Fishing for Body Parts – Again

Remains of a man who disappeared over the weekend keep floating up

It's a grisly fishing expedition that has one family stunned and in tears.

Miami Police continue to comb the waters in Biscayne Bay searching for more clues and body parts in the death of Osben Laparra, a 21-year-old Guatemalan man who went missing over the weekend.

The first few body parts surfaced on Wednesday when someone found two bags in the bay that contained dismembered body parts. An arm and another body part were found by a pedestrian on Thursday. And cops are responding to more calls of parts floating around in the Bay today.

Police said a bag found in Pompano Beach filled with bloody clothes may match the remnants of clothes found on the body parts.

''I can't believe it,'' Elvio Laparra told the Miami Herald. "My poor brother.''

Osben Laparra had went out to a night club in Little Havana on Saturday night, but didn't return. His brothers searched for him at hospitals after a couple days, but did not suspect foul play until reports of the bags filled with body parts turned up on Wednesday.

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