Miami Police Investigate Possible Ties to Orlando Shooter

The LGBT community is getting some extra protection from Miami Police. Agencies are pulling out all the stops to see whether there is any real connection to Omar Mateen's time in South Florida and the tragedy in Orlando.

The statement made by Omar Mateen's father to NBC that his son became enraged over what he witnessed in Downtown Miami has triggered detectives to do an all out search.

Mateen's father said his son became livid when seeing two men kissing in front of his family at Bayside.

"We've done an exhaustive records search to see if we have come in contact with this individual and so far we have not turned up anything," Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes said.

Chief LLanes said, while that search will continue, what happened in Orlando is a sad lesson for all of us. We must be prepared now anytime we enter a building or crowd.

"It has to be of the common conscious that this could happen to anyone at anytime," he said.

What should you or your loved ones do? The chief said make a mental note of exit doors, windows and you should have a back up.

"I think the best course of action is to flee. You have to start to think to prepare you and your family, should you enter into a situation faced with something like this. Can you use an escape route to get out," Chief Llanes explained.

But what happens when you can't move quickly enough and are trapped?

"The big challenge which is to simultaneously eliminate the threat and evacuate the critically wounded," Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oats said.

Chief Dan Oats ran the department in Aurora, Colorado when the movie theater shooting took place. He has been spreading the knowledge learned to South Florida emergency responders.

"We have to think outside the box in terms of getting the paramedics to where the wounded are, even if it's not a completely safe environment or getting the wounded out to where the paramedics are," Chief Oats explained.

He said they are also training more police in emergency medicine to help you if it's not safe for paramedics.

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