Miami Police Investigating Armed Robbery at Cash Forever Pawn

The robbers took $12,000 worth of jewelry, police said.

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a Miami pawn shop.

Around mid-morning, two armed men walked into the Cash Forever Pawn Shop at 1133 SW 27th Ave. demanding money, according to police.

The store clerk told the duo she had no cash, so the robbers tied her up and stole $12,000 worth of jewelry from the company safe, police said.

"They tied her, went into the safe, took jewelry and a gun they found in the safe as well," Officer Fredericka Burden said.

The two suspects escaped and no one was hurt. Customers were relieved the situation did not get any worse.

"I came in yesterday and they took care of me fine and no problem," said customer Caridad Alvarado. "I am glad I came in yesterday and not this morning."

Local merchants said there have been a series of robberies and break-ins recently in the area.

"There is a place around the corner where six or seven people live and these are the guys that destroy my place," said Raul Bedoya, owner of a nearby beauty shop.

One resident said the crime wave was due to drug activity going up in the neighborhood.

The victim told police she was too shaken up to speak with the media.

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