Miami Police K-9 Dogs Get Bulletproof Vests

If police dogs have to hunt down bad guys the same way their commanding officers do then they should get the same protection right?

At the Miami Police Department they now do, thanks to new K-9 bulletproof vests.

The vests are bulletproof, stab proof, light weight and form fitting, because when these dogs go after the suspects for the take down, they can’t be weighed down or held back by anything.

“Hopefully not but if he ever gets into that situation where someone tries to use a weapon against him, the vest will do its job," K-9 officer Marc Redando said.

Redando, who works with K-9 partner Red says he’s so happy about the vest because suspects have already tried to hurt Red.

"They’ve tried hitting him, kicking him, punching him," he said.

That’s why he wants to give a big shout out to Pet Armor, the company who donated all the money to buy each dog in the department one of the vests. With 19 dogs and at $950 a pop they weren't cheap.

"Yeah, thanks to the company, it's just awesome they’re doing this for us," he said.

Redando said Red was trained in the French language and will listen to every command he tells him. And if anyone needs a vest it’s Red, he will not stop until he's told to.

“He doesn't quit, he has that no give up attitude and he won’t stop until I tell him to and he does his job very well and he loves it," Redando said.

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