Miami Among Top US Cities Infested By Roof Rats

The Magic City boasts beautiful, colorful homes surrounded by a canopy of trees. But, inside many of those homes is a rodent infestation that earned Miami the number three spot on the list of the most roof rat-infested cities in the United States.

Termite and pest control company Terminix released Monday its list of the top 15 cities that has rats colonizing in the roofs of homes. The ranking is based on services provided by the company from January to October of this year. It looks like Terminix has been making a lot of house calls in Miami over th past 10 months.

Other Florida cities that made the list: Fort Myers (5), Tampa (7) and Jacksonville (14). The number one city for roof rat infestation is Savannah, Ga.

Roof rat-infestation is common in the southern and coastal regions of the U.S. Terminix says roof rats are more active in Autumn as the rodents feverishly hunt for food. Homeowners should consider pest control as the season changes and the temperatures cool down, Terminix says.

The company has some tips on preventing the roof rats from ruining your home:

  • Ensuring all firewood, debris and piles of stone or brick are kept as far from the foundation of the home as possible.
  • Sealing any holes or cracks larger than a quarter inch, to help prevent rodents from squeezing their way in.
  • Installing a thick weather stripping along the bottom of doors, which will help ensure only guests and an autumn breeze can enter through the front door.
  • Work with a qualified pest management professional to determine potential problem areas in your home, which can help to prevent pest challenges before they start.

Warning signs of roof rats or other commensal rodents include sounds of movement from attics or roofs (especially at night), droppings and smudge marks from oil or dirt in the attic, or sightings of pests themselves, Terminix says.

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