Miami Reinstates Electric Scooter Program With New Safety Measures

Miami scooters are back but with possible safety changes

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Electric scooters are back in Miami, but not without some changes.

The city of Miami had suspended electric scooters earlier in November, but commissioners voted 3-1 Monday to reinstate the old scooter program.

"A week ago, the will of this body 4-to-1 was to eliminate the program altogether, now we're talking about how to make it better," Commissioner Ken Russell said. "Is it worth keeping if we can eliminate some of those quality of life issues and improve usage in a safe way?"

Commissioner discussed several safety measures with the reinstated program, such as the number of scooters permitted at one time, requiring the use of helmets, and how many fines would be issued for those violating the new rules.

"We're not 100% happy with it. We understand that micro-mobility is something that's coming so we have to accept it but the main issue for downtown is the amount of scooters and the safety for the residents," James Torres from the Downtown Neighborhood Association said.

Both scooter company owners and residents addressed the commission in support and against the new and improved scooter program they're now proposing.

The Miami City Commission votes on the future of its short-lived ban on electric scooters. NBC 6's Claudia DoCampo reports.

"People don't wear seatbelts in vehicles in Miami, so what makes you think they're going to wear a helmet on a scooter?" said resident Desiree Desouza, who lives near a scooter run.

The reinstated old scooter program ends on Jan. 5, but the new program is now in the works. The commission will reconvene on Dec. 9 to vote on the implementation of the safety measures for the new and improved scooter program, and then again on Jan. 13 for the final vote. 

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