Miami Reps Third Among Most Dangerous Hoods

Visitors of the new Marlins ball park have a better chance at becoming a statistic than catching a foul ball

If you go to a Marlins game at the new stadium in a couple of years, it might not be a bad idea to bring more than a glove and your ball cap. Packing a little protection could be just as important because chances are you will have to pass through one of the most dangerous hoods in America.

The neighborhoods around 7th Avenue and North River Drive have been ranked third among the worst neighborhoods in the nation for violent crimes, according to FBI crime stats. The area, which includes part of Overtown, is a stone's throw from the old Orange Bowl and future location of the new Marlins ballpark.

People in the area have a 1-in-5 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime, which is way better than your chances of catching a foul ball or leaving the game with a souvenir.

Good thing this study came out after the county approved plans for the $515 million stadium in Little Havana. We doubt trumpeting, "Built near one of the most dangerous hoods ever" would have been a good selling point.

According to, hoods near 7th and North River can expect around 400 violent crimes per year. Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando also made the dubious Top 25 list.

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