Miami Shores Approves Gay Marriage Resolution

The village had originally voted against it.

The village of Miami Shores reversed a symbolic no vote on marriage equality Monday night as commissioners approved a nonbinding resolution supporting marriage equality by a vote of 4-1.

The vote Monday came almost two months after village leaders originally voted down a nonbinding resolution supporting same-sex marriage.

Mayor Herta Holly said, "I brought it up to encourage unity in my community and because it’s such a sensitive issue people are passionate on both sides."

Mayor Holly initially angered the LGBT community in July after voting no on a similar symbolic resolution. In front of a standing room only crowd, she explained she was originally advised against it.

Mayor Holly said, "Not against marriage equality, not against my gay neighbors who I’m very fond of and who I am good friends, but strictly as a council person to stay out of it."

A resident said, "We thought had we been wrong about our neighbors and new friends, do they really feel this way about our relationship. Do we disgust them?"

Monday night drew passionate arguments from all sides of the gay marriage debate.

Cesar Joffrey, a resident, said, "If you ask a heterosexual with Christian moral principles, our opinion, what opinion can I give you? I disagree with your lifestyle."

Ryan Cooper, a resident said, "As a Christian male that’s with a family, I see no reason why we shouldn’t support this to prove our children, constituents and friends that this is a community that welcomes everyone."

The only council person to vote against the resolution said Miami Shores is not the place for the equality debate.

"Gay marriage is one issue. Capital punishment could be another one. (Crowd moans). I see I struck a nerve. How about pro-life and abortion rights?” asked Councilman Jim McCoy.

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