Reports on Student Fights Spur Change at Local Middle School

Outrage and concern with surfaced videos of middle school students fighting violently with each other on and off campus have prompted school officials to re-evaluate its policies.

Students and parents say fighting is a problem at Miami Springs Middle School.

Another video showing another violent fight involving Miami Springs Middle students was shared Thursday to NBC 6. This one shows a student drag another by her hair on the concrete on Jan. 15.

"We got a lot of hits and punches and all that ... we were crying," said the victims, who are twin sisters.

On Wednesday, a parent showed NBC 6 a video of two girls fighting on campus in June 2018.

On Tuesday, a 12-year-old sixth grader came forward with his experience back in December at a nearby park. Cellphone video shows students punching him and kicking him in the head -- the blow was so hard, the boy ended up with a shoe print on his head.

Police confirmed two boys were arrested on battery charges in connection with that incident.

The district confirmed the offending students were sent away to a success center and only one of them still attends the school. 

It's unclear what happened to the offending students in the other two videos.

According to a statement to NBC 6, Miami-Dade County Public Schools said a change in administration at the school and new leadership are reinforcing the importance of appropriate student behavior.

"The well-being of students will always be a top priority. As such, additional counselors will be sent to the school to address issues such as these," the statement read.

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