From Cafecito Pins to ‘Supposably' Stickers, Local Brand Celebrates What's Unique to Miami

The designs also feature original characters such as Larry the Lechon and Tito the Cafecito.

Humidity tested, abuela approved: Colorful stickers, patches and pins that celebrate what's unique to Miami are the work of a local brand based right here in South Florida.

From well-known Cuban slang terms like "dále" and "que pena bro," to caja china shirts, Jack Daniel Bagdadi of Miami Supply Co. dreams up of what makes South Floridians laugh, wonder and smile.

"I think with the little designs and stuff we can celebrate the little weird things that make Miami special," said Bagdadi, a Miami native who works in advertising.

What is now Miami Supply Co. started as a fun project for Bagdadi. He started with cafecito pins, sold a bunch of patches and made little sticker packs to give away as gifts for guests at his friends' wedding. 

"And once I made those stickers, they got kinda hot, and people started looking for them," Bagdadi said. "So I was like, alright, let me make some of these and that's when the Miami Supply Co. started to take off."

Bagdadi's designs also feature original characters such as Larry the Lechon and Tito the Cafecito. With cafecito being such a big part of daily life for many South Floridians, Bagdadi's business embraced that caffeinated culture with Tito, his first main character.

"He's become the face of this little company," he said.

Bagdadi has picked up a following on Etsy and his social media pages for the Miami-themed pop culture collectibles.

"A lot of it is Miami idioms and those things you only hear in Miami," he said. "You hear 'dále' of course a lot and the 'irregardless' and 'supposably' and all those things that sort of came out of Miami that some may say isn't that great of a thing, but it's cool to actually celebrate it and sort of own it."

Bagdadi is hoping his business will keep flowing -- like Cuban espresso.

"What I'd like to do more with the brand is to infuse a little bit more of the different ingredients that make Miami sort of special," he said. "So if I can do something for different neighborhoods or perhaps different cultures, I think that would be my next step."

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