Miami Teen Creates Popsicles With a Twist

Popsy Cakes mixes the best of the dessert world - popsicles and cupcakes

What do you get when you mix a popsicle with a cupcake? No, not a stomach ache.

You get the Popsy Cake, the new dessert phenomenon that is taking Hollywood circles by storm. And you guessed it, a Miami kid created the idea. Well, Jessica Cervantes is actually more business woman than kid.

The recent high school graduate is baking more than 300 of her tasty creations for VIPs at the Aspen Film Festival next month, her largest order to date. Popsy Cakes sounds like a mix made for a date with Pepto, but the delicious treat is a careful blend of ice cream and cake (too much of either and your sweet tooth might explode).

The tasty idea gained recognition after Cervantes won a nationwide entrepreneur competition during last year for her business plan to market the dessert. She used the $10,000 prize to expand her dessert empire to do special orders like the Aspen Film Festival.

But Cervantes hasn't forgot about the little people. She gives credit for the idea to her little cousins, who always made a mess when Cervantes made them cupcakes.

We're sure the little girls get as many Popsy Cakes as they want.

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