Miami Trying To Save The Jungle

Miami commissioners approved a measure to defer rent for Jungle Island, but will that get people to come

Jungle Island is finding out it's a real jungle out there.

Low attendance and a poor economy has the attraction formerly known as Parrot Jungle on its last leg. But never fear, the Miami City Commission is here (insert wild Tarzan call here).

Commissioners approved a measure Thursday that would let Jungle Island use public land rent free for the next four years while it tries to get back on its feet. The generous gesture would save the attractions about $1.6 million over the next four years, but that still won't cure the fact that no one really cares to come see the attraction anymore.

No offense to the exotic birds, flowers and other creatures that live on the natural preserve, but whose spending $30 to avoid being crapped on from above by a Macaw?

What's worse is taxpayers are on the hook for $5 million of a $25 million federal loan the park received when it moved to its current location in 2000.

Commissioners also voted to give Jungle Island $800,000 in money that could be used on parks, sidewalks or other public amenities. The money will go toward paying overdue property tax bills for the facility.

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