Miami Tunnel Deal Caves In

FDOT torpedoes deal to build a tunnel underneath the city for Port of Miami users

Drivers from the Port of Miami will be forced to enjoy the sky line a little bit longer.

A $1 billion deal that would have diverted traffic to and from the Port of Miami underground was nixed by the Florida Department of Transportation on Wednesday, sending the controversial project back to the drawing board.

But the deal isn't totally dead.

FDOT officials plan to put the project out for re-bid, which may take years before a new contract is awarded. The plan appears to be to try and wait this bad economic turn out and hope to come out on the other side with a cheaper, more cost-effective project.

Good luck with that. The project has been talked about for 20 years and is still at a stand still.

The London-based team that was supposed to build the tunnel could not get the money to meet certain deadlines, which triggered the latest set back.

The tunnel was supposed to open in 2012, but now might not be built until people are driving in little hover crafts and won't need the underground passage.

Currently, cargo trucks and other big rigs travel the downtown streets to get to and from the port from major interstates. So expect those brake lights from congested local streets to continue to be a part of that beautiful Miami skyline.

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