Miami Woman Critically Injured in Orlando Shooting Attack

A South Florida graduate is among those critically injured in the Orlando massacre. As she lies in a hospital bed, new information emerges on the 49 who lost their lives.

"Just a horrific story of being stuck in the bathroom stall and there were 30 other people in that bathroom stall," said Deyni Ventura, friend of survivor.

Stories of survival are now coming in from friends of people who were inside Pulse nightclub Sunday morning.

"He had to climb over the bodies to try to climb on top. He says it's horrific, like every little noise is bothering him," Ventura explained.

Dozens made it out alive, but many were seriously injured, including Laura Vargas from Miami. Loved ones sent NBC 6 a photo of Vargas recovering at the hospital after she was shot multiple times.

49 people, however, did not make it. Amanda Alvear uploaded a video to Snapchat while the gunman stormed in. Luis Vielma, an employee at Universal Studios, also died.

"That shock of reality and coming to the conclusion that they're actually dead is devastating," a friend said.

KJ Morris, Omar Ocasio-Capo and Peter Gonzalez Cruz are more victims of this senseless massacre. Relatives walked in to the family assistance center Monday afternoon with questions, but many left with the devastating answer they feared.

"Just pray for us and my brother," said Julisa Leal, sister of deceased victim.

"Take care of your kids. And teach your kids the right way, because you see what happened now," said Cesar Flores, father of victim.

NBC 6's Laura Rodriguez went to high school with Laura Vargas. She spoke with her briefly Monday. She got very emotional when told there are many people praying for her. Vargas was devastated, however, because she her best friend died in the shooting.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Vargas. Click here to make a donation.

In addition, a general GoFundMe page has also been established to help those impacted by this tragedy.

Lanterns filled downtown Orlando's night sky Monday evening, as thousands raised up candles in remembrance of the shooting victims. A nearby church's bell rang 49 times. Every sound was meant to pay tribute to the 49 people who died in the massacre.

"The bells wouldn't stop ringing and they kept going and it went on and on. That was incredibly emotional," said Eddie Mehnert, friend of victim.

Community leaders and city officials shed light on the importance of love, tolerance and equality. The management and staff of Pulse nightclub also surprised the crowd and vowed to rebuild what many call haven for the LGBTQ community.

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