Miamians No Longer America’s Most Attractive People

Miami ranks No. 4 on Most Attractve People list


When people mention sexy and attractive, the city that usually comes to mind is Miami, but apparently they've imported some South Beach water to South Carolina.

For the first time this decade, Miami did not top Travel+Leisure's "America's Most and Least Attractive People" list, and instead readers voted the people of Charleston, South Carolina as the most attractive.

Take that in for a moment. South Carolina is more attractive than Miami.

Now take this in. San Diego and Savannah, Ga. also ranked higher on the attractive scale.

OK, now you can stop laughing or crying.

Miami fell to No. 4 on the list and we can only blame our own stupidity, at least that's what voters said. According to the poll, Miamians aren't too bright and they don't have the best manners, either.

We did score well in fitness, our ability to shop til we drop and of course, style. But beauty is only skin or Gucci deep on South Beach.

Charleston residents topped the list because they were well-rounded and weren't too bad on the eyes.

Think Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds or Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

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