Miami's “Nude Year's Eve” Tops Extreme Party List

Getting naked for the New Year will cost you $129

One New Year's party offers the uninhibited a chance to get naked and bounce around with a bunch of total strangers while not facing the threat of arrest.

It's the "Nude Year's Eve" on Haulover Beach, and the wardrobe-free affair tops TripAdvisor's list of the world's 10 most extreme New Year's Eve events to cap this year.

This year's nude gala might be a little toned down because of the cold weather expected to hit Miami this week, but no one minds a little shrinkage when you're popping champagne.

A Nude Year's Eve ticket will run you $129, which is cheap compared to some of the other offerings in Miami on Dec. 31. It's a three-day event which includes live entertainment. You also get a front row seat to the fireworks.

One advantage: You don't have to worry about finding that perfect outfit because everyone will have on the same thing.

Florida was home to two of the top five spots, with the Festive Freefall in Zephyrhills coming in at No. 4. That event features a bunch of people jump out of a plane at the stroke of midnight. With their clothes on, of course.

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