Miami’s Paola Guanche Wins ‘La Voz Kids’

Paola Guanche, a 12-year-old girl from Miami with Cuban roots, was declared the winner of 'La Voz Kids.'

After a 13-week competition, a Miami girl has been declared the winner of “La Voz Kids."

Paola Guanche, a 12-year-old from Miami with Cuban roots, beat five other kids who made it to the grand finale after several rounds of eliminations by judges Paulina Rubio, Roberto Tapia and Prince Royce.

Alondra Santos and Alanis Gonzalez represented Team Rubio; Alan Ponce and Hugo Ramos were Team Tapia’s kids and Paola Guanche and Sean Oliu represented Team Royce.

The six young artists had one last chance to perform before the winner was announced and, once again, they showed off their talents like professionals alongside artists Ricky Martin and Ana Barbara who performed during the finale.

The show started with Santos, from California, singing “Paloma Negra,” followed by Gonzalez, from Tampa, who sang “Titanium.” But only one of them could represent Team Rubio, and in the end, the public decided it would be Gonzalez.

Team Tapia’s kids were next. Ramos, from California, sang “Boyfriend,” and Ponce, from Arizona, sang “El Triste.” This time the public voted for Ponce.

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The last two participants were Guanche, from Miami, who sang “I will always love you,” followed by Oliu, from California, who sang “No me doy por vencido.” After minutes of suspense, Guanche became the face of Team Royce.

Ricky Martin took over the stage and sang his new single “Come with me." After his stellar performance, the singer acknowledged the kids saying they had all done a great job throughout the process and encouraged all of them to fight for their dreams.

Gonzalez, Ponce and Guanche then walked together to the stage, where they held each other’s hands waiting for hosts Jorge Bernal and Daisy Fuentes to announce the winner.

The tension was seen on everyone’s faces. The coaches were holding their heads, the young singers were staring at the floor, and the public was in complete and utter silence.

“PAOLA,” Bernal screamed as he announced the winner.

The 12-year-old dropped to the floor as she realized her dream had become a reality.

Guanche closed her victory night signing with her coach Prince Royce, surrounded by family, friends and other participants.

Along with her victory title, Guanche will receive $50,000 for her education and a recording deal.

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