Midwest Man Creates Moving Memorial for Orlando Victims

There has been a lot of support from people all over the country for the victims in Orlando, touched by the tragedy, visiting the area to pay their respects.

There are now 49 crosses that contain each of the victims' names killed in the nightclub shooting.

"It's a monumental effort to do this," one visitor to the memorial said.

But 65-year-old Greg Zanis, who is about to retire, said it's worth it, "I'm here to hope to change the message and my new message is love your neighbor, love your brother."

Zanis came from the Midwest to central Florida, "This is a man coming from Chicago to show I love my brother. I love my neighbor."

49 crosses: One for each soul lost at Pulse nightclub when an enraged gunman opened fire.

"I started Sunday right after church and I worked until midnight. So that was a short day. Just building," Zanis said.

He found a spot at Orlando Health, and in the blistering heat, grabbed each one off his small pickup and started setting them down, one by one. There is a red heart attached to each, with markers at the base for the community to share their sorrow and support.

"We're made in the image of God and when you see somebody dead like that it just changes. It's like how can somebody do this to these people? How much hate was in this guy's heart? I understand he went and shot them again," Zanis said.

This is personal for Zanis. He said his father was murdered and shot in the head.

"There's a lot of controversy nationally about what's going on here. People are going to change the gun laws. You're not gonna change somebody's heart until you love your neighbors," he said.

Later in the day Thursday, volunteers went out to the memorial and placed photos of the victims by each cross.

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