Mild Morning Turns to Warm Afternoon Friday in SoFla

High temps around 80 Friday with cloudy stretches

A mild morning with most areas starting in the lower 70s will turn into another warm afternoon Friday in South Florida.

Like midweek, Friday will bring mostly cloudy stretches to South Florida. Highs will land around 80 degrees early this afternoon. Where clouds blot out the sun, highs may just reach the upper 70s, which is still above average for early February. 

Even though clouds will persist today, no more than an isolated shower is expected.

It will become breezy after sunrise Friday and stay windy through Saturday. Winds will increase to near 20 mph with stronger gusts, and as a result, choppy conditions will likely develop on our local waters.

It will stay breezy with a few breaks in the clouds, as Saturday’s high is forecasted to reach 80 degrees.

On Sunday clouds will continue to thicken up and afternoon temps will be in the lower 80s as the breeze slackens. Shower chances will rise slightly to 20 percent.

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