Military Flare Washes Ashore on Miami Beach

Bomb squad responds to remove suspected military flare

A section of Miami Beach was roped off after a military flare washed ashore Wednesday morning, officials said.

The device was found on the shoreline near 9th Street, Miami Beach Police said. The immediate area was taped off for safety.

Footage showed the device, a silver cylinder, laying in the sand as beachgoers snapped photos.

Police said a bomb squad responded to remove the device, which is a suspected military flare. The beach was reopened.

"A marine aerial flare that’s used by the Coast Guard or by the Navy and that’s all we had out there so we called the bomb squad just to make sure, they verified that it was and they took it away now," Miami Beach Fire Rescue Chief George Linares said.

"We are contacting the appropriate entity to respond and properly take possession of the item," a police spokesperson said.

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