Military Veteran Surrenders After Barricading Himself Inside Apartment in Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade police responded to an apartment complex on 108th Avenue and 200th Drive Wednesday afternoon after a military veteran barricaded himself in his 4th floor apartment.

For hours the department's special response team and negotiators tried to get him to surrender without bringing harm to himself or others.

Throughout the night, neighbors heard tear gas being deployed. Hours later, police said 34-year-old Rashad Brittain surrendered without incident around 10 p.m.

Police were called to the apartment to Serve him with an ex-parte order. Typically those are documents signed by a judge to order an involuntary evaluation be done on an individual.

Brittain's mother had been concerned about his well-being, police said. Somehow the situation unraveled after the attempt to serve Brittain.

Police say they had to make sure he and the hundreds of residents who live in the building were safe.

Several neighbors expressed respect for the veteran who they described and kind and polite.

Brittain was evaluated by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue at the scene. He was expected to be transported to a local hospital to get the help he may need.

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