South Florida

Millions of Flowers Arriving in South Florida Ahead of Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, millions of flowers are making their way to South Florida before being sent across the country.

Almost 90 million flowers, to be exact.

Over 60 climate controlled airplanes made their way from South American counties such as Colombia and Ecuador with the tropical flowers and roses and started to arrive at Miami International Airport on Friday. The flowers will be stored in refrigerated coolers before they are shipped to your doorstep.

"The shipping and delivery service pulling off the high flower demand by filling 64 Boeing 767 airplanes with millions of roses," said Jose Cano, regional public relations supervisor for UPS. "We want to make sure that we are Cupid's helpers."

On average, consumers spend over $2 billion on flowers every year. Many of the flowers are purchased here in Miami from distributors specializing in the flower business across the globe.

"We all know how much Valentine's Day means to us so knowing we are carrying so many smiles back there it's a pretty awesome experience (for) all of us who get to do this for a living," said pilot William Steel.

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