Miramar Dog Groomer Arrested in Death of 3 Dogs

A Miramar dog groomer was arrested after three dogs died in a hot van while in his care, authorities said.

Charliston Seixas, 51, was arrested Tuesday on three counts of causing cruel death pain and suffering of an animal, according to Miramar Police.

Seixas was released from jail after posting $3,000 bond Tuesday. He told reporters that he had forgotten the dogs were in his vehicle.

"I can't talk to you guys. I'm devastated by what happened and I really want a chance to tell something but I can't right now," he said. "It's a disgraceful mistake. I'm a pet lover. That's my calling for 30 years. I have my business for 11."

The incident happened in March. An arrest report said Seixas, owner of Pet Club Inc., picked up a woman's three dogs in his company van.

When Seixas didn't call the woman to pick up the dogs, she went to his business, which was already closed. She went to his home, where Seixas told her he already delivered the dogs to her, then said he forgot the dogs at his business, the report said.

They went to the business and found the three dogs dead inside Seixas' vehicle, the report said. Coral Springs Animal Hospital later determined the dogs suffered a fatal heatstroke after spending an undetermined amount of time inside the vehicle, the report said.

The dogs, Lancelot, Sophia and Freida were 10, 15 and 7 years old.

"This happened in the car. It was not even grooming related," Seixas said. "It was driving related. The woman lives five houses down from mine. So I thought I was going home. I parked my car in my driveway. That's what happened."

In bond court Tuesday, Seixas was ordered to stay away from any animals that don't belong to him.

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