Miramar Man in Nightmarish Pain Months After Coral Snake's Bite

Bob Hughson offered a warning to everyone in South Florida

More than five months after a snake bit Bob Hughson, he is still suffering.

“I couldn’t get the snake off of me,” Hughson said. “He was on me and you could see his head going back and forth, pumping venom into me.”

The Miramar man said from his hospital bed that since he was bitten by a Coral snake in August, his left leg has been swollen, his ankle barely moves, and his toes are constantly curled. All of that caused him to fall last week, leading to multiple fractures in his right leg.

Now, Hughson can't even walk.

“It’s devastating and has devastated my leg,” he said.

After he was bitten, he needed 10 vials of anti-venom and was in excruciating pain. Now, he is calling his pain “a nightmare,” but fought through it to tell his story exclusively to NBC 6. He said he did it to offer a warning to everyone in South Florida.

“Leave snakes alone,” Hughson said. “Whether it’s ‘red and yellow kill a fellow,’ ‘red and black friend of Jack.’ They’re animals. They’re to be left alone.”

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