Miramar Police Back at Vilet Torrez’s House

They are executing a search warrant, Cid Torrez's attorney said

Police were back at the house of missing Miramar mother Vilet Torrez Thursday.

A Miramar Police crime scene unit arrived at her home in the Harbour Lakes Townhomes community at about 4 p.m. and stayed for about three hours. Police walked into Torrez's home with a stepladder and what looked to be electrical wire and walked out with the same tools.

Detectives did not share what they learned, if anything, as they executed a search warrant.

As she watched an employee with the alarm company Devcon Security wrapped wire around the front of the home, Clarissa Garcia, Torrez's best friend and neighbor, got chills.

"I was a little nervous that they may have found her and found something that might be leading to her and for a moment it kind of hit me. A little bit hard when I saw them come back, I said 'Oh God, could this be it,'" Garcia said.

Torrez has been missing since early on March 31. Authorities suspect foul play and named her estranged husband Cid Torrez as a person of interest, though he has said he did not see or have contact with his wife on the night she disappeared.

His attorney Richard Della Fera told NBC 6 Thursday that he got a call from the State Attorney’s Office telling him that police wanted to execute a search warrant, so he showed up with a key to let them in.

Over the past week Miramar Police have relased several pieces to the puzzle that is the missing mother's case, including a surveillance video that shows her driving into her residential community on the night she disappeared, and the 911 call that Cid Torrez made two days later.

"The account that he's given to me and that I understand he gave to police the week after Vilet disappeared is entirely consistent," Della Fera said.

Her best friend is skeptical, however.

"Vilet comes in at (5:17 a.m.) and Vilet makes phone calls," Garcia said. "Listen, this development is not the Bermuda Triangle, you can't get sucked into space here. Vilet got somewhere."

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