Miramar Police Officers Play Santa at “Shop with a Cop” Event

For two decades, Miramar Police have made it a priority around the holidays to make sure kids in the community have a Merry Christmas.

And this year, the department didn't disappoint.

Officers went on a shopping spree Wednesday with 45 kids. Each child getting $75 to spend on whatever they want. Five-year-old Nazariah Toledo was excited to splurge alongside the boys and gals in blue.

“Cops get to shop with us and we get to have fun and pick all the toys,” said the kindergartner.

The annual “Shop with a Cop” event selects students from schools in Miramar whose families need extra help to make the holidays special.

All of the two dozen or so officers who showed up for the shopping spree did so on their own free time.

Treasure Jones appreciated the officers’ generosity. “I think it’s very nice because they might have other stuff to do, but instead they come here with us,” said Jones.

The event is a way for police to build relationships with the community.

“It means a lot to these officers and not only that, but to the community. I mean, it’s giving back,” said Officer Scott Hadley.

The department says this year the chief pitched in, which allowed an additional five kids to come out and shop with cops.

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