Miramar Police Give Updates on Quadruple Murder Cold Case 20 Years Ago

It is one of the most disturbing crimes in the city of Miramar’s history. 20 years ago, four members of a family found brutally murdered - two of them young children.

To this day, Miramar police continue to search for the killer. Monday morning, detectives shared an update on the case while family members continued their pleas for help in finding who committed the brutal crimes.

George Altidor stood outside his home on April 30, 1997, while inside his wife, Marie, and his mother in law, Theresia Laverne, were dead after being shot.

His daughters - six-week-old newborn, Sabrina, and two-year-old Samantha – were beaten to death.

"Our suffering will never end, but it will lessen when we have some type of closure," said family member Marie Laverne.

Detectives on the case believe it was a crime of passion, fueled with rage. They say the murderer tried to stage a home invasion, but there were no signs of forced entry and no valuables were stolen.

"This was a staged event to make it look like a robbery," said Miramar Police Det. Danny Smith. "In fact, it was overkill."

Officials have worked for years to collect enough evidence to arrest Altidor, who no longer lives in the city, but to no success.

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