Miramar Residents Concerned About Sewage Spill Caused by Hurricane Irma

Residents of one Miramar community are receiving a warning on their door thanks to a sewage spill caused by Hurricane Irma.

When Irma came through, it ripped out a tree which cracked a sewage pipe and sent raw sewage down a street in a canal system at Country Club Ranches. Much of the sewage remained there Monday, as angry residents are demanding answers.

The spill happened back on Sept. 11 and continued spewing out sewage for at least two days, an estimated 300,000 gallons. The city responded right away on Sunday when the leak was first spotted but it took at least two days for them to repair it.

Families who live in the area say they've found dead fish rotting in the canal, and now they're concerned about the drinking water. Most of the people have well water, and worry it could be contaminated.

"It's a major concern for us how they're handling this situation," said one resident.

The city said they've tested the well water every day and it's clean.

"For any resident that fears the water may have been contaminated, rest assured that never happened, the city never issued a boil water advisory," assistant city manager Natasha Hampton said.

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