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Missing Flamingo Gardens Toucan, ‘Tiki,' Back Home After Escape

Tiki escaped from her cage inside Davie's Flamingo Gardens.

What to Know

  • Tiki the toucan returned home after escaping her cage at Flamingo Gardens in Davie over a week ago
  • Officials took to social media to call for the missing toucan's return home
  • A Plantation Acres resident found Tiki in his yard and cared for her overnight before returning her to the sanctuary

The search for a South Florida toucan, named Tiki, ended Tuesday morning in Plantation Acres. Nearly two weeks ago the exotic bird managed to escape from her cage inside Davie's Flamingo Gardens.

Tiki's adventure led her to a fruit tree in Donald Harris' front yard.

"You don't see too many toucans flying around Plantation Acres," Harris said.

He recognized the two-year-old toucan right away because of posts on social media.

"I Googled what they eat and then brought some mangos and bananas out," Harris said.

He kept Tiki calm and cared for her overnight in a spare bedroom before returning the toucan Wednesday morning.

Animal caregiver Laura Wyatt was ecstatic and said calls of possible toucan sightings were coming in every day.

"I changed the term from wild goose chase to wild toucan chase," said a relieved Wyatt.

Wyatt worried about injuries from hawks or eagles, but Tiki was in good spirits and only had a few missing feathers.

Animal caregivers at Flamingo Gardens plan on adding an additional cage right outside of Tiki's existing enclosure to make sure the toucan doesn't have any more unplanned adventures in the future.

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