Mitt Romney Leads Among Likely Florida Republican Primary Voters: Poll

Romney received 36 percent of the votes.

Quinnipiac University poll results released Monday show Mitt Romney is the front-runner among liekly Florida Republican voters for the Jan. 31 presidential primary election.
The former governor of Massachusetts got 36 percent of the likely Republican votes, a double digit lead three weeks before the primary election, the poll said.
Newt Gingrich received 24 percent of the votes, followed by Rick Santorum with 16 percent, Ron Paul with 10 percent, Rick Perry with 5 percent and Jon Huntsman with 2 percent, the poll showed.

The survey also showed that 54 percent of the likely voters might change their minds before the primary.
Romney is also the best liked candidate with a 73-14 percent favorability rating, according to the survey.
The poll was the result of a five-day survey of 560 likely Republican primary voters. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percent.

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