Mom Accused of Killing 2 Kids in Miramar Incompetent Due to Mental Illness: Judge

A Broward judge ruled Wednesday that a mother accused of killing her two children in Miramar is incompetent due to mental illness.

Police say 40-year-old Sophia Hines smothered her two children with a bedsheet on June 8 inside a Miramar home. She was charged with two counts of murder.

But during Wednesday's competency hearing the judge ruled Hines incompetent. She'll now go to a forensic hospital to be treated for mental illness.

"We can't go forward with her trial until we know she's aware of what is going on, she's able to work with us and understand the advice I give her and at this point I'm not sure she even understands what happened," defense attorney Betsy Benson said.

A psychologist told a judge during Tuesday's hearing that Hines suffers from severe post-partum depression.

"It's a severe condition where she doesn't care about things people normally care about, she has very sad emotions, a loss of pleasure in things she used to enjoy," Dr. Michael G. Simonds said.

Hines was visiting Miramar from Philadelphia when her 3-year-old daughter Ariel and 8-month-old son St. Leo were found dead. Defense attorneys argued Hines is catatonic and has been on suicide watch since her arrest.

The state countered these claims, saying Hines has been able to respond to interviews and questioning whether she is faking her condition.

Benson said the plan is to rehabilitate Hines so that she can face trial in the future, possibly as soon as later this year. There's also a chance she is never found competent and remains in the hospital.

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