Mom Beat Son, 8, Killed Puppy: Miami Police

A Miami woman was arrested after police say she beat her 8-year-old son and killed her family's pet puppy in front of her kids.

Charlotte Wonjah, 26, is facing aggravated child abuse and cruelty to animals charges following her arrest Tuesday, according to a Miami Police arrest report.

Wonjah told a judge in bond court Friday that she is four months pregnant.

Wonjah's ex-boyfriend of seven years told NBC 6 he had gone to her house to bring some clothes. That's when he said she turned violent.

"It was a nightmare," he said. "She came out of nowhere. Became violent. Punching me, beating me, scratching me."

Officers responding to the ex-boyfriend's 911 call then discovered Wonjah had beaten her son on several occasions. The boy had bruises, welts and markings throughout his body and at different stages of healing, the report said.

Officers also found that Wonjah had killed the one-month-old puppy by slamming it against the floor while her kids watched, the report said.

Wonjah told officers she has anger issues and lost control and beat her son with a rope. She also admitted to killing the dog because she didn't want to clean up after it, the report said.

Prosecutors told the bond judge Wonjah had just completed probation for misdemeanor battery against her ex-boyfriend in April of 2013.

Wonjah is being held on $50,000 bond. It is unclear if she has an attorney.

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