Andrew Pestano

Mom Killed, Son Hospitalized After Car Slams Into Bus Stop Area

A woman who was killed in a tragic bus stop accident in Miami Gardens was identified on Saturday.

A memorial was laid in honor of Gracie Palmer, next to the pieces of a bus pole where the tragedy occurred.

Palmer and her son who has autism would wait by a bus stop every day – but on Friday, that was the last time they would stand there.

New surveillance video showed an SUV hitting a white sedan, causing a chain reaction. The SUV lost control and plowed into Palmer and her son.

A woman said she heard tires screeching and then a boom. The son survived the collision and is recovering in the hospital, but Gracie did not make it.

“I was devastated,” said Stephanie, the victim’s neighbor.

Neighbors were distraught to hear the news of the crash, which happened at the intersection of Northwest 171st Street and 33rd Court. They say the 75-year-old had been living in the area for years and was devoted to caring for her son.

“She did it with everything in her heart,” said Stephanie. “She was very passionate about making sure that her son had everything that he needed.”

Neighbors said speed is an issue on that street, as it’s not the first accident they’ve witnessed.

“A car came in my yard, hit three cars and totaled one in the driveway,” said Milo, who lives in front of the bus stop.

Family members are coming out of town to figure out who will care for Gracie’s son. Both drivers remained on the scene and the investigation continues into who is at fault.

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