Mom Says She, Not Teen, Shot WaveRunner Thief

Cops said teenage son shot the thief but in a 911 tape, the boy's mom takes the blame

The Miami Shores mother of a teenager who shot and killed a man trying to take the family's jet ski initially said she pulled the trigger, a recording ot the tape revealed.

On the May 21 recording, Yasmin Davis tells the 911 operator that she is the one that shot 20-year-old Reynaldo Munoz in the face as he tried to get away with a WaveRunner.

Miami Shores Police said her 14-year-old son was the person who actually pulled the trigger of the shotgun, killing Munoz.

"He was stealing our WaveRunner and I was trying to scare him and I shot the gun," Davis told the operator. "And there's blood. I think he might be dead."

Davis, whose husband is a prominent attorney, repeatedly told the operator she shot Munoz, although once she said "We shot him."

Davis' attorney, Jeffrey Weiner, said his client was in "a state of absolute fear and panic" when she made the statements on the 911 call.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office is investigating the incident to see if charges should be brought against Davis or her son.

Police originally said Munoz threatened the two when he was confronted about the watercraft and made it seem like he had a weapon.

The 911 call revealed that information came from Davis, who said Munoz told her that he had a gun.

Munoz's family has said their relative was deaf and mute and could not verbalize such a threat. Police have not confirmed that Munoz could not speak.

"The guy turned and said he had a gun," Davis said during the 911 call.

No gun or weapon was ever found at the scene.

Juan Lucas Alvarez, the Munoz family attorney, said the 911 tape proves Davis is lying about his client.

"At no point is she confronted with any type of deadly force," he said. "My client is a deaf mute. It was impossible for him to make such threats."

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