‘Moment of My Life’: Puerto Rico’s Monica Puig on Tennis Gold Medal Win at Rio Olympics

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Puerto Rico's Monica Puig says her gold medal win in the women's tennis final at the Rio Olympics was "the moment of my life."

The tennis star won the first gold medal ever for Puerto Rico and took to Twitter after her stunning victory.

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"Oh what a time...To be alive!!!! Im still in shock! Thanks for all the beautiful messages! I love you all!!!" she posted.

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Puig grew up in Miami and trains in Boca Raton but chose to represent the island where she was born at the Olympics.

Ranked 34th in the world before stepping on the Olympic court, the 22-year-old said she was speechless after the win.

"I just remembered not really believing that moment at all, I was, that’s why I said 'oh my God' so many times," she said.

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Family and friends in Puerto Rico cheered with pride as she gave the Caribbean island its first Olympic gold medal, a major morale boost for the U.S. territory currently facing a crippling debt crisis and a serious Zika outbreak.

"I knew from the first moment the match started getting intense that I needed to give my all and I stayed there and I stayed focused and I did exactly what I needed to do," Puig said.

Puerto Rico's male athletes have won eight medals at past games, however Puig also became the first woman to win a medal representing the island. She is also the first unseeded woman to win the Olympic singles gold.

"I'm very very happy for her and for the country that she won this medal,” fan Yamily Alvarez said.

"The whole match was just unbelievable high-quality tennis and it was just the moment of my life," Puig said.

Puig says she plans to rest up before focusing her energy on the U.S. Open.

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