Gov. DeSantis Extends Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures Until August 1

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Gov. Ron DeSantis extended a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until August 1.

DeSantis issued an emergency order Tuesday to extend the moratorium, which was set to expire Wednesday.

Earlier, people across Florida were waiting to find out if the governor was going to extend the freeze. DeSantis did not answer the question on the moratorium at a Tuesday news conference.

“There are already hundreds of calls from people asking what is going to happen to me when the landlord is able to evict me,” said Denise Ghartey, who works with the Community Justice Project. 

She says there are extra protections for renters through the CARES Act. If the property has a federally backed mortgage or receives government subsidies, you will be able to stay until July 25 and your landlord will be required to give you a 30-day notice. 

She says it can be difficult to find out if you qualify for this protection. 

“It can be quite difficult to find out if you are in one of those covered properties, especially if you are thinking about if you are in a private housing, but trying to figure out if your landlord receives funding from the federal government or has federal backed mortgages on the property,” Ghartey said. 

Some people facing evictions would like to see more protections. 

“I don’t have money for a deposit. I am not working, my daughter is not working, it is nerve-wracking,” Rosalinda Perez said.

She says an eviction notice showed up on her door last month. The thought of an eviction is added stress during an already stressful time. 

“It’s terrible, I don’t know what to expect, I’d don’t know if I have to find somewhere else to live,” Perez said. 

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