More Names Added In Doral Voter Fraud Probe

At the Miami-Dade Elections Headquarters Monday, a handful of Doral residents dropped off their ballots. The race between the former mayor and challenger J.C. Bermudez and current Mayor Luigi Boria goes for a vote Tuesday. At the same time, the Miami Dade State Attorney is investigating if there's voter fraud in Doral. Fourteen more names were added to the list Monday.

“The law says that a voter must register to vote at the residence they call their home where they sleep at night,” says Christina White.

Elections officials told NBC 6 there are three locations where multiple voters listed as their homes. The City of Doral says these locations are zoned commercial or industrial and that no one is permitted to live here. Both candidates want answers.

“That's why we are supporting the investigation. We really want and we support Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections to be transparent in this process, “ said Mayor Boria.

“Certainly since it would impact the city where i am running for mayor it is a concern,” said Bermudez.

Bermudez, who is Doral's first mayor, worries any fraud could make a difference in the tight race Tuesday.

“You don't want people registering at commercial addresses that may not be registered voters in that city. It could have tremendous impact on the local election where fewer people obviously could vote, particularly in a runoff,” he said.

The State Attorney started an investigation after NBC 6 last week discovered 8 registered voters including Jonathan Aserraf used an office suite in this building for their voting address. Records show Aserraf operates his business from the suite. He denied committing any fraud. Now, prosecutors will want to speak to those who told elections they lived here.

“If that voter is determined to not be registered to vote at a place they are entitled to then the state attorney's office and a court of law will determine how we go from there,” said White.

So now we are aware of 20 people being investigated by the State Attorney. The concern is people who don’t live in Doral using a business or warehouse address just so they can vote. The State Attorney doesn’t expect any answers before polls open and close Tuesday in Doral.

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