More Than 100 Caught in Rip Currents Sunday: Miami Beach Lifeguards

Rip current risk remains high in South Florida.

Little red flags on lifeguard stations lined the coast over the weekend as the risk of rip currents remained high in South Florida.

More than 100 people were swept away by rip currents Sunday, and seven had to be dragged to safety at the 53rd Street Beach, according to Miami Beach lifeguards.

They're warning swimmers to approach the water with caution.

"It might look inviting to go and play with the waves, but strong rip currents under that will pull you out and if you're not a strong swimmer you'll be in big trouble," lifeguard Martin Quintanilla said.

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Some beachgoers witnessed the rescues.

"It's been pretty rough here today," Elizabeth Tejeda said. "We got here at about two o'clock and the water has been pretty rough."

Many families kept their kids close to shore to be safe, but there were some close calls.

"My brother almost drowned and my surfboard broke," 10-year-old Christopher Urra said.

Lifeguards say beachgoers going in the water should swim by a lifeguard.

"Ask questions, swim near a lifeguard and obviously, be cautious," Quintanilla said.

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