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Mosquito Season Begins in South Florida

Time to protect yourself and your pets from mosquito-borne illnesses

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It's that time of year again when mosquitos start popping up.

There are more than 50 types of mosquitoes in Miami-Dade County and some can transmit diseases like Dengue Fever, Zika as well as West Nile Virus.

Dr. William Petrie and his team study the mosquito population to detect any early transmissions of disease. Dr. Petrie, the Director of Miami-Dade's Mosquito Control and his team have set over 300 traps around the county to capture mosquitos and study them.

The gathered information will let officials know when spraying should take place and when other types of mosquito control are necessary. 

The recommendations for your own mosquito control are to eliminate any standing water on your property or cover it and cover yourself with clothing or repellant.

"Drain and cover is actually not just a catch phrase, it's very practical," Petrie said. "The cover refers to either covering water or cover yourself with clothing or insect repellent. The drain is to drain standing water."

Mosquitos can also cause heartworm disease in dogs and cats. So, removing breeding grounds is not only good for but for your pets too.

"There is a mosquito here in Miami-Dade that occurs in huge numbers which does not transmit human disease," Dr. Petrie said. "But is the primary carrier of dog heartworm."

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