Most ‘Googled' Items this Holiday Shopping Season

Tracking down the right gift for the right person is no easy feat, but Google has some advice to take the pressure off this holiday shopping season.

Google Spokesperson Jesus Garcia shared some of the most searched items of the year. He says overall consumers are looking for practical gifts, starting with household items.

"We've seen that a lot of people are searching for, The Shark Rocket TruePet Ultralight Vacuum, Air conditioners with remote control," Garcia said.

When it comes to fashion he says boots, backpacks, and gym shoes are at the top of the list.

"So Stuart Weitzman has some over the knee boots that are really popular right now, Garcia said. "Right now for men the Nike Lebron shoe line is definitely top trending."

Holiday themed eye shadow is also trending, and it is not the only beauty item on the list.

"Solutions around tired eyes and dry skin are really trending right now," Garcia said.

When it comes to children's toys and gadgets, Garcia says Lego toys are all the rage.

"Most important category of them all is toys and Lego is the big winner this year," Garcia said.

But other classic toys also made the list.

"Candy Land and the Ouija Board have been trending but new ones like What Do You Meme? which is all focused around memes have also been trending this year," Garcia said.

And if you are looking for an easy way to track prices, Garcia says Google has a tool for that.

"Whenever you search for a product within google, if you go to the shopping tab, you're going to see a button that will enable price tracking. So you're going to be notified if price drops

And you're going to be able to compare prices in real time without having to go to back day after day to check the pricing," Garcia said.

If you see something you like but don't know where to buy it you can use the Google Lens App. With a snap of a picture, you can do a visual search and google will show you where you can find similar products.

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