Mother Arrested for Dangling Baby Off Balcony, Posting Photo to Instagram: Tampa Police

Aisha Clark, 25, was charged with child neglect for dangling her baby from a second-story balcony, police said.

aisha clark
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

A Tampa mother is being held without bond for dangling her 5-month-old baby from a second-story balcony, police said.

Aisha Jean Clark, 25, was arrested and charged with child neglect after she posted a picture of the incident on Instagram Tuesday, according to Tampa Police.

They said Clark did not appear remorseful. She told police she was making a point by dangling her baby off the balcony by one arm, officials said.

"I was mad and I was making a point," Clark told police, according to the Tampa Bay Times. "I can do what I want with my baby. Nobody can stop me."

Police said the incident could have been fatal.

"This single act would reasonably be expected to have resulted in serious physical injury or a substantial risk of death to the infant," the report said, according to the Times.

Clark's account, with the handle "RatMove13," was private as of Wednesday, the newspaper reported.

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