Mother Claims Teen Daughter Was Injured in School Fight

A mother and teen daughter are speaking out exclusively to NBC 6 after the 13-year-old girl was sent to the hospital after a fight broke out her high school.

Alison Molina suffered injuries and had to wear a neck brace as a result of the fight. It happened on Friday at Gulfstream Academy of Hallandale Beach K-8. The brawl was caught on camera. In the video, one student is seen violently grabbing the girl by the shirt and pulling her hair.

Jenny Molina said in Spanish that what happened to her daughter brings her pain.

She said she’s scared to send her to school now because she's afraid something will happen again.

The 13-year-old victim claims that the blows were so severe that she couldn't feel her neck and back for some time. "She punched me in the back and then they started kicking me in my back and then they started punching me in my neck," said Allison.

The teen tells NBC 6 she'll have to be home for about two weeks to recover.

The teen girl said this is not the first time she’s been under attack. The young girl said she has been picked on by the same female student before.

The mother said she spoke to school before about the bullying but claims nothing was done. Even though the mother filed a police report, she's extremely concerned for her daughter's safety.

"I'm scared to go back to school. I told my mom I don't want to go to the same school now," said Allison.

NBC 6 reached out to the Broward County School Board about the alleged incident. School officials released the following statement:

Broward County Public Schools takes all matters concerning student safety very seriously. The safety of our students and staff is always our highest priority. On Friday, February 3, 2017, the student named in this incident was involved in a mutual altercation with another student. The altercation was determined to be the result of ongoing verbal exchanges between the two students. School staff and security responded quickly to the altercation and followed all proper protocols.

Based on the school's investigation and review of the altercation, the students involved will receive the appropriate disciplinary actions as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct Disciplinary Matrix. The school is also cooperating with the City of Hallandale Beach Police Department and the District's Special Investigative Unit in an ongoing investigation into social media posts and texts related to the incident.

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