Mother Finds Stranger Lurking Outside Home, Peeking in Windows Night After Night

Francisco Casavant, 24, was allegedly caught on camera creeping on a Hollywood family

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A frightening find for any mother: a stranger creeping around in the dark, peering in multiple windows of her home. That’s what Janel Drayton says she found on her security cameras over the weekend.

“I just couldn’t believe that somebody was doing this, looking in my window,” said Drayton, a mother of three.

Drayton says according to her security cameras, the man came by Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. At one point, he grabbed a paver from the side of the house and stood on it to get a better view. Drayton said he was touching himself.

“He had his pants down halfway, you could see his butt. It was very clear what he was doing,” Drayton said.

The closest call came Sunday night. Drayton and her seven-year-old daughter arrived home after dark, the suspect was on their doorstep a few minutes later. He even reached for the front door, but then turned away.

“Of course I’m worried, I’m scared for myself and my daughter’s safety because he’s been around for several days,” Drayton said.

Hollywood Police identified the suspect as 24-year-old Francisco Casavant. A judge ordered he be held without bond because this isn’t the first time he’s accused of sex crimes. Court records allege Casavant broke into a woman’s home in January of 2020 and choked her while trying to rape her. She was able to get away unharmed.

Drayton said she found out the suspect was lurking around her home by chance. She said her 18-year-old son was taking out the trash Friday and noticed one of the pavers missing, so he told his mom. That led Drayton to check her security cameras to find the potential danger outside.

Seeing what he was up to over the last several days, Drayton cringes to think what he was capable of.

“You feel violated, I was very angry I was upset and aside from being scared of course you just I think to myself, what could have happened,” Drayton said.

Casavant’s listed home address is just two blocks from where Drayton lives in Hollywood. One of his other alleged victims lives five blocks away from North 23rd Avenue and Roosevelt Street.

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