Mother of Dead Brothers: ‘I Lost All of My Sons'

The mother of two Little Haiti brothers killed in what may have been a murder suicide says she's searching for answers following Sunday's tragic encounter.

"I lost my son, I love you, I lost all of my sons," an inconsolable Saintamise Blanc said Tuesday.

Blanc said she was at the family's Little Haiti home late Sunday when sons Steven, 14, and Stanley Blanc, 16 got into an argument over a shirt.

She said she was able to separate her sons after their disagreement but doesn't know what led to the gunfire.  Everything was fine, she said.

"They say 'mama it's OK,'" Blanc said.

But soon after that, she heard crying coming from downstairs. 

Blanc said she doesn't know where the gun came from that Steven used to shoot Stanley, before he turned it on himself.  She said no one in her house had a gun.

Their older brother said that the gun belonged to a friend of his younger brother Steven.

"I just know it was one of his friends. My brothers don't own guns," Mark Blanc said.  "I know when I came downstairs the whole thing was blowing up. He was asking one of his friends for the gun, everybody was telling him 'no, don't give it to him.' He gave him the gun anyways. If I could turn back time, I would have been there to stop the whole thing."

Police are still investigating the shooting, but said Monday evening, it's still not clear if the brother who shot, died from a self-inflicted wound or was shot by someone else.

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