Mr. Clucky to Roost in New Hampshire

Mr. Clucky is taking his chicken act to the Granite State

Just a few weeks after Miami Beach officials told him to get the cluck out of town, Miami-Dade's most famous fowl has found a new roost. 

Mr. Clucky will take his South Beach style to New Hampshire, according to

Mark Buckley, Mr. Clucky's owner/best friend/media agent, owns a farm up there, which leads us to ask, why in the world wasn't Clucky there in the first place with his farm animal kin?

Buckley made a huge stink in the media about city officials kicking the bird off the beach and how Mr. Clucky would have no place to go except the fry pan. He held candle light vigils and press conferences, but ultimately laid an egg in front of the city commission.

Buckley seemed like he planned on taking this cock fight to the U.S. Supreme Court, but those $50 a day fines can put a dint in anyone's plans.

The national attention did allow Mr. Clucky to become the most famous chicken this side of KFC's free grilled chicken giveaway (minus the Oprah appearance).

While in New Hampshire, Mr. Clucky's life will likely change from the chase for chicks under the warm Miami sun to something much slower paced. He'll probably settle down with a big-breasted chicken and have a little clutch of his own.

Cock-a-doodle-adieu, Mr. Clucky. Hopefully you don't end up being served with a side dish.

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