MTV to Dump “Jersey Shore” Cast: Report

Casting director says Season 2 is current cast's last

The Situation now finds himself in an unemployed situation.

The "Jersey Shore" crew that has wreaked havoc in Miami during their stay filming Season 2 won't be back on South Beach, New Jersey or any other city, reports Blackbook magazine.

MTV will reportedly give The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW, Sammi the Sweetheart and the other guidos the Donald Trump treatment with a hearty "You're Fired" and look for new cast members for Season 3, says casting director Doron Ofir.

MTV has denied the allegations, with one MTV spokesperson saying it's merely adding new cast members to the show.

The dispute is allegedly over money, but the timing lends us to believe it may be a little less about dollars and more about sense.

Sammi the Sweetheart is at the center of the latest controversy that could cost MTV millions in a civil lawsuit. She reportedly punched a woman at a South Beach nightclub, giving her a black eye, while dealing the popular TV show another self-inflicted wound.

Sammi's attorneys said Wednesday she is innocent.

Since the crew has been in Miami, they have been shunned by most of the top hot spots because of their shenanigans and reputation for starting trouble. Yet somehow the Jersey Shore cast still found ways to get into bar room brawls and other drunken trouble.

"Jersey Shore" has generated monster ratings for MTV and the new season, partly shot in Miami, premieres July 29.

Set your DVR, because it might be the last time you see Snooki slapping (or getting slapped by) someone in the face and getting away with it.

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