Muchos Problemas At Nuevo Herald

Shake-ups coming as two top editors are leaving paper

Just days after the announcement of massive layoffs at the Miami Herald, sister publication El Nuevo Herald is shaking things up with the departure of two top editors.

The Spanish-language daily is losing executive editor Humberto Castelló who announced his resignation after seven years in the job, and managing editor Tony Espetia is retiring after 40 years in the business.

Manny Garcia, now The Miami Herald's senior news editor will take Castello's place.

Garcia's job overseeing the daily news operation will be taken over by features editor Aminda Marqués Gonzalez, according to, though as New Times blog The Daily Pulp revealed, Marques will only be in the position temporarily.

An internal e-mail acquired by the Daily Pulp also states that more editor positions will soon be eliminated.

"Manny's slot itself in top management will not be replaced," wrote Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal in the companywide e-mail.

"Instead, Mindy's move and other internal changes will cover that position as well as other editing reductions to come. By the conclusion of the reorganization, we will have 40 percent fewer editors than a year ago, which we will compensate for with changes in how departments operate and workloads are shared."

This news, coupled with last week's layoffs of 175 workers, should only create more newsroom turmoil as the death of The Miami Herald Media Company in print inches ever closer.

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